Recognized for Excellence

Founded in 2019, L.L. Dunn Law Firm zealously advances and enforces victim rights for survivors of sexual violence and harassment within campus, criminal, and civil systems nationwide. 



Received the Special Courage Award from the U.S. Department of Justice's Office for Victims of Crime (2017)


Advisor to White House Task Force to Protect Students Against Sexual Assault” (2014)


Liaison to American Law Institute Student Sexual Misconduct Project (2014-present)



“The ERA – Why Do We Care?” Panel, Women in Law Section, New York State Bar Association (Jan. 18, 2024)


Title IX Damages Post-Cummings, National Crime Victim Bar Association (Washington, D.C.) (Mar. 31, 2023)


Panel, Abuse & Sexual Assault Prevention, University of Pennsylvania (Mar. 23, 2023)


Laura Dunn, J.D., provides expert witness and consulting services for Title IX and other campus sexual assault and related safety lawsuits. Dunn may also be retained to develop training curricula, propose policy, and consult on forming nonprofits or campaigns.


Preventable Tragedy in the Lauren McCluskey Case: Addressing Campus-Based Intimate Partner Violence Under the Clery Act, ABA Family Law Journal (2020)

Mutual Is Not Always Equitable: The Misuse of Mutual No Contact Orders in Title IX Proceedings Addressing Sexual Misconduct, Liberty Univ. Law Rev. (2020)



“Gag order” against assault: Schools bully young accusers into waiving rights, lawyers say, USA Today (2022)

Let's Work Together!

I could not be more pleased with the work that Laura Dunn did in my case. She was dedicated, responsive, and attentive to not only the details of my case but to who I was as a person and survivor. She diligently addressed every single one of my concerns and questions, making sure that I was educated and comfortable at every step. Laura’s survivor-focused and professional approach ensured that I secured justice in my case and received the closure that I needed. I am positive that without Laura’s expertise and support, I would not have made it through such a daunting and difficult process. I highly recommend Ms. Dunn to all survivors seeking justice!” ~ Becca