Enforcing Crime Victim Rights

L.L. Dunn Law Firm advocates for survivors to have their cases prosecuted while protecting their rights as victims of crimes in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

    How We Protect You

    Far too often, untrained and biased police officers do not take reports of gender violence seriously. Our team can help by advocating with law enforcement and the prosecutor’s office to review the matter and consider charges where appropriate. We can also aid you in navigating the criminal process in a way that protects your rights and privacy, or with related media coverage.

    Filing Charges

    While you do not need an attorney to file a criminal complaint following sexual violence, it may be helpful to do so given issues of rampant gender bias within the American criminal system. Our team supports survivors making reports and enforces their rights as crime victims.

    Victim Rights Enforcement

    Survivors may benefit from having their own counsel during criminal cases since prosecutors represent only the state’s interest.  Crime victims may have several state rights that protect their privacy or provide restitution, so they are encouraged to reach out and learn more.

    Criminal Defense

    Our team has partnered with local counsel nationwide to successfully defend sexual assault victims wrongly charged and prosecuted for false reports in criminal trials. Survivors facing such charges, or the threat thereof, should immediately reach out for an intake.

    Historical Successes

    State of Ohio v. Arica Waters: Former Put-In-Bay Police Officer Acquitted of Making False Rape Charge (2021)

    Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Ian Cleary: Years after College Woman Says She Was Assaulted, Alleged Confession Leads to New Push for Justice: ‘It Was a Sense of Validation’ (2021)

    State of New Hampshire v. Owen Labrie: St. Paul’s Rape Case Trial: Teen Accuser Focused on ‘Getting Justice’ (2015)

    Let's Work Together!

    Laura stands out above the rest. She is patient, comforting, a strong leader, kind and everything you would want someone standing on your side to be. She took over everything and handled the case in a quick manner all while keeping me informed and involved in the process. I can’t speak highly enough of Laura and her ability to represent women and men in some of the most difficult times of their lives.” ~ Anonymous client

    Ms. Dunn has helped me in many ways over the last year and a half. She has fought for my rights and helped me overcome things that I felt were insurmountable. She opened up a new world for me and I would be lost without her! She cares immensely about her clients and puts countless hours into her work. I know that with her by my side, I can get through anything.” ~ Hannah