Advancing Your Case

L.L. Dunn Law Firm hold both perpetrators and enablers accountable for sexual violence, misconduct, and harassment nationwide in both state and federal court by seeking damages for survivors as well as injunctive relief where possible to change harmful institutional policies and practices.

    How We Protect You

    Far too often, survivors wait so long to consider their civil options that they lose their rights due to quick statutes of limitations that may apply.  Our Firm encourages survivors to reach out as soon as they know they may have a claim so we can walk them through what the civil process entails to inform any decision they make about whether to pursue a lawsuit.


    For select cases, our team undertakes civil litigation on a contingency-fee basis to advance all viable claims arising out of sexual violence, retaliation, or other related misconduct. Due to the significant vetting required and prompt filing deadlines that may apply, survivors should not wait before seeking an assessment of potential claims.


    For survivors and witnesses served with subpoenas seeking documentation or depositions, our team may be able to assist.  Subpoenas often have strict time requirements and require diligent searches for evidence, so any potential clients are encouraged to provide a copy of the subpoena when reaching out for an intake.

    Protective Order

    In any jurisdiction where barred, our team can represent survivors seeking protective orders through local civil courts.  Survivors are encouraged to move quickly to seek such orders if there are any safety or privacy concerns and to seek such orders as part of a comprehensive legal strategy to address any sexual violence, retaliation, or other misconduct.

    Defamation Defense

    Rapists and abusers have increasingly brought frivolous defamation claims to silence survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence. Survivors should promptly seek counsel to avoid being intimidated by such an abuse of process and to learn what defenses and/or counter-claims may be available to fight back. 

    Historical Successes

    Jill Roe v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools: ‘This Is Bigger Than Me’: Former CMS Student Who Reported Rape Pushes for Change (2021)

    Aereauna Houle v. University of North Dakota: Lawsuit Alleges UND ‘Fostered a Culture of Silence’ around Sexual Misconduct Reports  (2021)

    Kellen Smith v. University of Michigan: Title IX Lawsuit Alleges Michigan Didn’t Protect Female Athlete from Male Teammate (2020)

    Jane Doe v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools: Lawsuit Filed in Alleged Myers Park High School Rape (2019)

    Jane Doe v. Oregon State University: Oregon State Student Sues School, Says Football Player Raped Her  (2018)

    Jane Doe v. Old Dominion University: Woman Sues Old Dominion over Rape Response (2017)

    Let's Work Together!

    Ms. Dunn has helped me in many ways over the last year and a half. She has fought for my rights and helped me overcome things that I felt were insurmountable. She opened up a new world for me and I would be lost without her! She cares immensely about her clients and puts countless hours into her work. I know that with her by my side, I can get through anything.” ~ Hannah